Welcome to AA Education Network, your international education agency
for New Zealand and Australia.

Our Education Portal is a gateway for international students providing free multilingual information about education and training. Our international student services are worldwide available.

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AA Education Network is an education agency and:

  • offers free services for students, working holiday makers and travellers & educational providers.
  • provides education counselling for students, including advice and support for applications to all levels of overseas education in Australia and New Zealand.
  • access to all types of studies: master, phd, bachelor, vocational training (Short term courses: certificate, diploma), English language courses, high school placement.
  • organizes educational counselling for visiting universities and schools.
  • publishes Online Study Abroad Guides.
  • is a globally affiliated agency that provides free advice in accessing a variety of education pathways, with a mission to develop and enhance the bilateral relationships between Australia, New Zealand and other countries by creating and fostering all forms of educational, travel and immigration links.

Students and internes receive individual services to help them prepare for their stay in Australia and New Zealand.


What do students care about most when choosing us as an education agency?

Education consultants do research, negotiate and follow up with international students. So what will set us apart from other agencies?

  • Honest and Transparent Service: Students know that we are giving them an honest assessment for their unique situation.
  • Genuine Compassion: Students happiness will lead to a long lasting relationship that will lead to higher lifetime customer revenue.
  • Timely Correspondence: Students are not lost in a sea of prospects.
  • Ongoing Support: We stay connected with our students.